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Photo Gallery

Just Stuff Around the Barn Just Stuff Around the Barn Still Winter Our larger guests waiting for the morning fare. 179494726 Morning mist 179494727 Sunset behind the barn 179500833 Weird clouds over the pasture 179500834 Palouse Falls 179501335 Swept Clouds 179501336 Can't resist a Raven 179501337 Barn Sunset 179501338 Cape Flattery 179501339 Gramma & Grandbaby At Point Loma 179501340 Swallowtails basking in the sun 179501341 Wild Horse Wind Farm Mt. Ranier in the mist 179501342 Concord Blue Devils At Colt Stadium 179501343 Southern Californians Playing You'd think they never seen snow. 179501344 Lonely Palouse Bridge 179501345 Perfect Hour Glass 179501346 Wizard Is. 179502030 Orient Pt. Lighthouse 179502031 The Mayflower on Plymouth Harbor 179502032 Humingbird Moth 179502033 Yosemite Falls 179502034 Halfdome in the last light of the day 179502035 Ever see whats behind Halfdome? 179502036 The worst snow yet! All the horses were barricaded in their stalls, thank goodness. It all came down at once. 179502037